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The Motorola RM series VHF radios will give you the competitive edge you need for your business.  It will increase your employee efficiency and improve your bottom line.  With it's  rugged and compact design, the RMV series radios will stand up to the harshest enviornment  your workday can dish out.  


  • 2 Watt transmit power
  • 27 VHF preprogrammed frequencies to chose from
  • 219 privacy codes (reduce interferance)
  • ​NOAA Weather channels with alert
  • Audio accessory jack
  • Cloning feature
  • Antimicrobal Protection
  • Voice assisted programming
  • 1500 mw audio output
  • ​Repeater capable
  • Meets Military specifications for dust, moisture, shock and vibration​


RMV series


Business two-way radio

Frequency: VHF

Power: 2 Watt

Channels: 8 plus NOAA weather channels and alert