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DRX Specification

DRX Brochure


  • Compatible with Motorola DTR & DLR Series radios
  • 900MHz ISM FHSS
  • Up to 60% more coverage
  • Programmable Public or Private Talkgroup
  • Fill communication dead spots
  • Up to 10 Hours battery back-up 
  • Easy set-up and installation - plug-n-play
  • Multiple units can be used for even more coverage 
  • No FCC Licensing required

We created the DRX range extender to expand the coverage of the Motorola DTR series digital radios.  It is the only product of its kind available for the DTR series radios and will provide up to 60% more coverage than the DTR radios alone. The DRX extender will bridge communication gaps and maximize your coverage area to keep you connected to your team. Available WDRX weatherproof kit for outdoor installations.   

DRX Range Extender

DRX Installation Guide


Digital Range Extender for DTR410/DTR550/DTR650/DLR1020/DLR1060

Frequency: 900MHz

$1,499.00 MSRP